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who we are

we’re professionals, each with over a quarter century in the corporate and professional world (sounds old, but we’re young at heart!) and we’ve learned a lot about investing, some of it the hard way. now we’re here to show you the way to manage your money.

what we do

we help you invest smartly. we make you financially literate. we help you understand your comfort with risk, your investment goals and your investible funds. we help you make the investments – handling the paperwork and the legwork.

for whom

we’re equal opportunity squirrels.

we’re happy to help you no matter the size of your portfolio.

and if you don’t have one, we’ll help you build one.

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the difference

what makes squirrel different?
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Equity is for Everyone

Equity is for everyone, and that includes elders. Just because you’re getting on in years doesn’t mean you should stop investing in equity. On the contrary.

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Liquid schemes keep your head above water

Liquidity – how easily available is your money – is an important factor that is often overlooked in the rush to maximise returns. Typically, the more liquid you want to keep your money, the less it’s going to earn you. The most liquid option is to tuck it... read more

FMPs – For Most People

We’re looking at Stage 3 investor options – when you need to live off the returns from your investment corpus. Paramount imperatives are Safety, Return, Predictability and Tax-effectiveness; and then there’s a nice-to-have Liquidity consideration. A... read more

Fixed Deposits – Why, Why Not

A Stage 3 investor – one who needs income from her portfolio – needs to meet the three primary criteria of safeguarding capital, providing a predictable income flow and being tax-efficient, together with the added advantage of providing liquidity in an... read more

Investing for Stage 3

Over the next few articles, letls look at the needs of a specific type of investor – a Stage 3 one. The 3 stages of investing In an individual’s investing life cycle there are said to be 3 stages: Stage 1 is when you’re making investing a habit – arguably... read more

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