What makes squirrel different?

A number of things: the level of service and transparency we offer. The simplicity of our advice. If you don’t like what we recommend we’re happy for you to not become a squirrel. We’ll still be friends.

  • We strongly recommend approaching equity investing only with a long-term perspective.
  • We recommend balancing your exposure to equity with a debt portfolio based on your ability to take risks (not just your willingness to do so).
  • When it comes to investing in equity we strongly advocate doing so via a mutual fund. And doing so over a long term.
  • We also strongly advocate the systematic investment approach to investing.
  • We help you understand all of the above and we’re always happy to explain it till you get it.
  • We are completely transparent in our dealings with you and you will always have complete knowledge – you know what we know.
  • You retain complete control of your portfolio. All investment decisions are yours and we do not twist your arm to do this investment or not do that.
  • We provide you tools and statements and stuff that help you see what you should be doing and how your investments are doing.
  • We avoid recommending specific scrips.
  • We don’t try to time the market.
  • We don’t think trying for short-term gains is sensible in the long-term (yes, that does make sense).
  • We have no views on whether the market is going to rise on Tuesday or fall on Friday.
  • We don’t do technical analysis of the market position.
  • We don’t hide behind jargon and fancy words.

(btw, we know that’s a butterfly in the picture not a squirrel, but that’s not the point.)