Smart Investing

The Dilemma(s)

Should you invest only in equity or only in debt or in some proportion in both debt and equity?

Is gold a good investment? Diamonds? Surely real estate is the best option?

What shares should you buy? Which ones should you sell?

Is the market going up or down or sideways?

Is long-term investing worth

The Solution

There are no answers to these questions that are universally true at all times and for all types of investors. But, like you, we’ve been there. Probably unlike you, we’ve done that, we got the t-shirt.

Over thirty years of investing for ourselves, we’ve figured out what really works in the long run and what’s the simplest and arguably the most effective approach for those of us for whom investing is not a full time occupation. It’s really a philosophy towards investing and you’ll find our thoughts throughout the blog that comprises most of this website.

But if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to read the whole site (we understand!), then just drop us a lineand we’ll meet with you and fill you in on the Squirrel Approach.