the kind of squirrels we help…

if you see yourself in any of the following descriptions, Squirrel can help:

  • a young professional starting out on your career, either as an employee or on your own, or perhaps a few years into a career, earning decently, able (or wanting) to save a little something (or a lot) each month
  • a young couple, looking to live a happy life together and aiming to cement that happiness with a solid investment strategy, perhaps starting a family or already with some years’ experience as parents
  • a single woman looking to ensure your financial independence and security, either pre-, post- or sans-marriage
  • a veteran in the workforce, been around the block, worked and earned steadily for a number of years, invested in this, that and the other, looking to bring some order and sense into your portfolio
  • someone who has a nest egg that you want to protect and see grow; perhaps you’ve come into an inheritance or had a windfall of money (won the lottery or Kaun Banega Crorepati – congratulations!) and want to invest it wisely and well
  • a self-employed person or an entrepreneur who’s looking to diversify your investments away from your business, because you can
  • someone who earns occasionally or regularly, either via a job or via a freelance career (tuitions, handicrafts, painting)

In short, anyone who earns money or has money and wants to save it and invest it smartly and simply. We’re not hung up on how much money – we’re just as happy to help squirrels who have a few thousands or a few millions. Call us equal opportunity squirrels.

Family is a wonderful concept, but with all the wonder and joy comes responsibility. If you have responsibility for the finances and financial well-being of your family, as in the sampling below, contact us right away. Squirrel can help.

  • you are planning a family
  • you have toddlers or young kids, just off to school, and then college, and then post-grad, and marriage and…
  • your kids are teenagers, in school and then college, and… you get the idea
  • you want to provide for your spouse and kids, if ever you can’t be around (we’re being delicate, here)

If you run a company or establishment (either your own or as a manager or head honcho) and have employees that you want to help with their savings – because financially stable employees are happier and more productive employees, naturally – then Squirrel can help you communicate with them, educate them about savings opportunities, smart investing and so on.

Squirrel can help you have happier and more productive employees.

This is a fairly unusual category, but it’s one that’s close to our heart. If you have family help (driver, maid, ayah, etc.) that you’d like to help become financially better off contact us right away and we’ll be happy to help them join in this great buzz called “financial inclusion”.

Financial inclusion refers to the unfortunate fact that a large chunk of our population has no way of participating in the financial progress of our economy because they have problems investing in equity, opening bank accounts, getting PANs, showing proof of residence and so on. Most of these people are solid citizens and (especially if you use family income as a parameter) can afford to save a few hundred or even thousand rupees a month. They don’t because they don’t know how to and nobody can be bothered to show them how.

Squirrel would like to help and if you’d like us to help your special employees, let us know.