Yep, can’t avoid the fine print, the legalese, the caveats and the disclaimers, so read on and don’t say you weren’t warned.

Remember those TV ads where the voice-over races through at breakneck speed, “MutualFundsAreSubjectToMarketRiskReadTheOfferDocumentCarefullyBeforeInvesting”?

Sure you do. This is exactly that but you can read it at your own pace.

Market Risk

All investments are subject to market risks. Which means, in plain English, that no matter what you do, markets could change and you could end up losing money. We can’t control that, you can’t control that, nobody can control that, no matter what they claim.

So, always be aware that there are always risks to any kind of investing and be prepared (mentally and fiscally) to lose money.

The Future

The future is inherently unpredictable.

No matter what Nostradamus or the newspaper horoscope or your family astrologer or your stockbroker or your private banker claims, when it comes to investing, absorb and internalize that first statement. It means that no matter what anyone (including us) says or claims, nothing is certain.

Read the section on Market Risk on this page for more.

Know Your Investments

There are always information memoranda and documents available explaining the particulars of investing in a mutual fund or public offering. They may not be easy (or fun) to read, but we always advise you to ask for them, read them carefully and make sure you know what you’re investing in. When investing in a particular scrip or company, there may not be such formal, legal information, but there is usually information available publicly on the company’s performance and prospects.

Ensure you do your research and understand what you’re investing in, especially on such parameters as duration of the investment, expected return and market risks.

You Are Responsible

Understand that no matter what we say or advise or recommend, you make your investment decisions yourself. We can’t and won’t decide for you. We’ll tell you what we think is wise and sensible, but, hey, we could be wrong. (Refer to the Market Risk and The Future sections on this page for more.) Which means you need to make your own decisions and be aware that you’re doing so. If something goes wrong (though we try like blazes to make sure nothing does), all we can offer is sympathy and a cup of tea.

We are not liable beyond that. Period.