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yes, you can... it's simple, actually

who we are

we’re professionals, each with over a quarter century in the corporate and professional world (sounds old, but we’re young at heart!) and we’ve learned a lot about investing, some of it the hard way. now we’re here to show you the way to manage your money.

what we do

we help you invest smartly. we make you financially literate. we help you understand your comfort with risk, your investment goals and your investible funds. we help you make the investments – handling the paperwork and the legwork.

for whom

we’re equal opportunity squirrels.

we’re happy to help you no matter the size of your portfolio.

and if you don’t have one, we’ll help you build one.

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the difference

what makes squirrel different?
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Equity Investing: Direct or Mutual?

A recent email from a reader asking which company’s shares he should invest in has prompted this primer on equity investing. It was a reasonable enquiry and one which a lot of advisors would doubtless be happy to opine on. However, we are not a lot of advisors and our... read more

Debt in the time of MoJa

The Union Budget of 2014 crafted by the new team of Mo-Ja has brought dramatic changes to the debt market. Here’s some clarity.

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